Live Life to the fullest & make no regret (:

Friday, March 05, 2010

Hello, kinda bored. My mood currently recovered (: no point going down, so let's go up! hahaa .. 

Went yum cha with BFF @ McD. 

Assignments finally done, left only one. 

Test is next week, im not prepare anything yet. 

Exams in 3weeks time, lalalala.

countdown 4more days. (: 

MO quiz tmr, bla bla. 

Title: Decide your own path, and that's your life (;

Designed this myself (: Originally from me kay. And i designed this with feelings, i feel like this and i design this (:

Out of a suddenly, i felt like this. Life is hard, there are ups and downs. Before receiving a goods, you must willing to pay for it. Nothing is free in this world, it's the 21st century. Life is so realistic. People may just hate you because you ugly. What-the-hell right? but this the truth. World is just like that, you accidentally step on this person, he might gives you a dark eye circle. But if you accidentally step on that person, he may just say "it's okay". Trillion or more people in the world, many many kind people in the world that you will never know. And, which kind of people you want to be, it's your right to decide. How you want your path be, no one have the right to choose for you but yourself. (:

Live life to the fullest, make no regrets in your life. Smile.


Hey look at this, for those Pet Society fans!

The new look of PS, cute kan? everything changes, much more cuter. It abit similar to the chinese version of PS. LOLs. 

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