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Monday, March 29, 2010

Hello, it's my 01 day of holiday aka freedom. FYI, i have 1 month holidays right now, till Mid of May for my degree intake. 

Phew, time flies. 

Let's update, my new fb profile picture (: 

Some people said i looks different, well. it's just my fringe is longer now and i curled my hair.

p/s: im still having striaght hair.

Just so you know, i love natural straight hair like what im having now. It's just abit dry and too layered. I've permed my hair once cos somtimes i would prefer to have a curl/wavy, cos it looks abit more feminine and elegant but curly hair isnt that easy to take care and i wasnt have that much money to buy those hair care products. So i decided to back to straight hair and i can do many styles with it. I lovey hair styling (:

On the Friday, went Ecurve with BFF, Sam at night. we suppose to watch Alice in the Wonderland but too bad i have curfew, the movie is at 10smth, so we only went for dinner at Thai Express and dessert McD . (:

Oh, in the Saturday afternoon, i was alone with daddy at home around 4smth. While waiting for sis and mummy back, i cam alot with really bored pictures ..

p/s: i love this Moustache XD

This shows how pretty bored am i while waiting for them for ... 1 hour? -.-

On the Sunday, was whole day out. Morning woke up breakfast Dim Sum with families. Then off to Atria, the aka 6stars mall. LMAO. Baby sis wanna get her Pandu Puteri uniform set, and there's the chepest. Then we off to Tropicana City Mall for a lil shopping. I bought a new sun glasses at Kitschen. Moved on to damansara to see flowers and Koi fish. me and sis and the kids all rather to stay in the car, we hate the weather. (:

We had a lil tea-time at Joe Ninja, pork burger shop. it's taste yummy. (: and comes with 6 diff sauces.

Joe Ninja logo. 

And my Sweet and sour pork burger. Each sauce comes with diff colour of sticker, and i did not know sweet and sour was in Pink de lor kay, i lovee sweet and sour all the time (:

For dinner, me and Isabell followed my sexy aunt, (Gong  named her) to The Garden for dinner. Her bf and bf's friends are richasses. SO we first had a lil shopping at Miss Selfi... blah, IDK plus IDC then turn to topshop.

i wanted this dress, it cost rm99. i was about to buy seriously, and my aunt said she's getting for me even cheaper at Pavillion. haha .

Sweet? FYI, im superb choosy on clothes and dress. 

p/s: i damn fat liao lorh! 

Then we off to Chillis to meet up her bf and friend and off to Zouk for dinner. (just in case you dont know, it's not the KL club and it's impossible i'll ended up in clubs. it's a dinning/drinking place at the garden and any age is allowed) 

So yea, as usual. Cam cam with sis (: I love my hair so much ;D and if only it could be even more longer.. :] 

you see right, i damn fat liao lor. 

Uhmm, as i've mentioned. It's my holidays already.

I might just stun at home most of the time, i might have lesser chance to see my Gong, i MIGHT get fired from LA (not sure yet la)..

Even im 19, i cant schedule my days with full of events. I cant go out everyday, but atleast 3days in a week (: 

I dont like stunning at home, who does la? though i dont mind staying at home, but not like 24hours la right? and now i have so so much to do, washing clothes, cleaning room.. with only these two, it can take me atleast 2-3 days time. Kekee .. 

Going for swimming with them later, just had my lunch Kue Teow Soup, Nanny prepared for me (: got to pack my stuff now, cos i can be really slow plus i need to take a shower which gonna take my another 15minutes life time. Packing would take me around 30minutes. Slow kan? Plus dry hair 15minutes, and .. 2minutes tweet before out, 5minute look through fb before out, 10minutes phone with gong .. 5minutes to say im gonna stop here .. XD

Teehee, slow and lazy bumbb me.

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