Capital begins after full stop.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ignore my title, i just loveeey this sentence so much. I don't know if this sentence were created long long time ago but i only know i thought of this sentence in the past week when i was soo effin' emo.

forget about it. -__-

So yea, my today's paper was OKAAYY lorh. It's business paper, and FYI im effin' dumbo in business. so you don't expect me to get an A+ or even an A for this paper. As long i pass and im fine with it.

still.. deciding for my degree. Damn god MMU is soooooo far, almost an hour journey. that's gonna kill me for studying there. But i wanna take Multimedia in that coll. !@#$%?

So, only Software engineering (this is the reason im in this coll) or Web media. Have a lil worries in SE because maths, though i love maths in the past time but kinda noob in it already. Web media, basically no prob and i love designing web media stuff. HTML and bla bla .. *thinking* .. -.-

I noticed i, myself been using -.- so much these day.. LOL, i don't know why, don't ask me. *shhhh*

Im a lil bored, study tmr, not now. ;X

edited this pic,

Nothing special bah. just doing it for fun cos im just too bored. 

here's the original one.

I said so, nothing much diff. *stupid dumbo me -.-*

im getting fatter lo, omg! ); after exam, during april hol will be my diet process AGAIN. -.- !@#%..

Oh, one more to share about. 

I've been tagged in my primary school group pic in fb. (feel so bimbo -.-) 

and i manage to add them! hahaha, sounds cool kay? everyone changed. o.0! 

*woots, i saw Starbucks tweet in my tweetdeck* (drooling) -.- 

this bring me back 6 years ago, everyone sitting in the class room studying, playing and our graduate trip. Awww, i miss those. (; 

yes, i know i always miss old times. who doesnt larh. 


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