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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Am suppose holding my book and shut my lappy and study but end up did not studied much, hands on keyboard *tik tiak tik tiak* 

Just feeling hungry, miss mee siam ><" Hungryness make me cant study well. Plus laziness i admit.

First of all, i want to say .. 

Happy birthday to my papa Jimmy ;D he's my Uni friend. He's nice, and funny, and friendly!

FYI, im really desperate for an iPhone right now! If possible, iPhone 4g but not launch in M'sia yet or any country, i think. So yeah, i pretty much wan an iPhone 3Gs, 16gb will do (: and white one. I never expect iphone come with Pink cause im sure every girls will be getting one so everyone will have the same design, not fun liao lor. So white, i can have my own design on it (: 

I am so stupid did not place my order in digi, damn it! pre-order closed last thursday. and Gong never want to drive me to digi center to ask for the package/price bla bla those things. ); he badboy. 

FYI, im a huge supporter of Digi's plan. im using prepaid since the first day i use digi, im too poor to use postpaid, cos i can spend more than you can think. but i've cutted down my phone bill very much now already, i own a phone when i was 10.

a secret to share with you guys. i've tried before rm50 reload within 5days, and it was when im only age 11-12. crazy kan? so this is the reason my mom never allow me to register for postpaid, i even bombed my sis maxis postpaid till rm200 for the first month she own a postpaid number. Yes, !@#$%& me! 

So when days goes by, i never spend so crazily anymore. Just so you know, i can't live without a mobile phone. Everyone is just the same. But thank you digi is always the greater choice, i can now spend abit more already (: I love their prepaid plans, especially D'Campus. Im using right now and i registered this plan on the second week when they launched. 

The reason why im so so love Digi & their D'Campus ..

Click to enlarge. 

Free calls, free sms, free surfing! Cool kan?

Free calls: Call up to rm2 each day and get free calls D-D
Free sms: Free sms to all your 11 FnF
Free surfing: Surf up to rm30 each month and get free surfing! (i did not use this)

This makes my life so much better! and you know what? only 6sen/sms to other network and 1sen/sms to digi (non fnf), only 15sen/call to ALL NETWORK. this is damn nice lor, i can call anyone and sms anyone i like with no worries. (: 

They also have this call plan ..

Well, i did not use this since i signed up D'Campus plus nothing can replace D'Campus YET. 

This call plan is cool too, only 12sen/min too ALL NETWORK. hello, what else you want ? 12sen/min is really cheap lor. 

But my D'Campus the best, i get free calls everyday ;D and sms!! i dont have to be so stingy anymore, i sms anyone i likey (; 

Urm,, !@#$%^% im like promoting digi huh? im just too bored and since talking about digi iphone so i suddenly came out all these. LOL! 

Gong haven register D'Campus yet, -.- terbalik im calling him everyday, cause his call rate and sms rate is so exp (he's not using any plan) everyday call this call that, end up no credit call me. And he'll always lazy to drive me to digi center @ ss2 which is the nearest. cause there pissed him off every single time because .. NO PARKING -.- 

Ciaosy, looking for food now (: 

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