Thursday, March 11, 2010

Somehow, i don't know why im feelin' lazy to blog and my mood hasn't recover yet. Not at all.

just a lil update here.

If you notice my fb and twitter, i updatr everything there. But im twittering lesser already compare to last time. Just so you know my twitter is connected to fb and wtv tweeted will same goes to my fb status AND FYI there are many vipS in my fb list, my boss, my lecturer and those "VIPs". but sometimes i dont even rmb about them and i just tweeted. My freedom lah!

So, as i've posted in fb. My mom gave me a last surprise on 9/03/10 (:

Orea Cheese Cake, yummy!

It's soo fattening but i finished! it's too tempting and delicious and i can't stop myself eating it as you know me really lovee desserts. ;D 

Besides, i got presents from Jacky & Jimmy. 

Called Bear Bear Q, looks like Be@rbrick kan? but it's not. and it's in a series, damn cute kay. Im so gonna get the Pink one. BUahahaaa.. wristband from Jimmy ^^ 

as im a lil bored that night, i capture my cute lovely bearbrick. 

I dint want to unwrap it with the platic and Matt Black's released from the plastic, all thanks to Albert so smart tear it off! 

FYI, it's Hidden bearbrick okay! Matt Black and GNF design. (Not chogokin)

Matt black, i was wanted it so desperately but so lucky Albert got it for me ^^ well, it was last yr's x'mas presents. 6 19series from him.

Say Hi to my Baby matt black. (: 


As i've mentioned in my previous post. Things happened real badly on that day which i never expect things will happen in my life, and it's on my day. Sighs, this really got to take my life time to get it off. i could still turn down very easily and tears once i turn silence and think about it. 

As life still have to goes on. I bearing with it. Tsk! 

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