Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm at home for the Saturday night, (; Not surprise.

I never mention this, my dream for 6 years but im now rather giving it up. This a lil stupid.

My dream was to Join Astro Quest, that singing competition. I setted this goal for 6 years till now but i decided not to go. Not much reasons, main thing is my highest tone actually spoilt when i was 15. So i can't sing to the highest tone since that big war illness and i can only use fake voice. FYI, i love to challenge high tone songs. (: Im actually planned last yr, once im 18 i'll definately join but i missed last yr's and here's this yr but .. hmm, (:

Well, Let's say something else.

A picture of my whole Foundation Route A & B mate with my CIT Lecturer, AbuBakar. (:

This is my only "Family Pic" with my Foundation mate. Not surprise, (;

And the foundation year girls pic (:

Yea, it's already end of my Foundation after next week. Will be attending my 3rd sem exams next week, which also my last exams in foundation year.

Everybody said this in 1year ago, "Aww, here's the end of high school/schooling." & "I miss my high school".

And now everybody say, "Awww, it's the end of foundation year" & "I miss those".

Human are so, blooded? i don't know what it call, 感情丰富. Damn my sucky english.

The first day im in my G1-T1, i misss my high schl really much. Because i was all alone in my college. i know no body at all, my high schl friends are non in the same coll with me. But i've got used with independence so it was fine for me. Then i first know my bunch of T1 friends, they are nice (; sooner, i heard many rumours. i must say i am not surprise with rumours about me, yet im effin' tired with it so i don't care honestly. After when we reaches sem3, i get to know G3-T1 (: they are nice.

not to make it too details. Let's summer up.

I'm happy i make it to University. you dont have to know why. I'm proud of it too.

I get to know many people through the whole year foundation and happy with everything, well not the rumours and some rubbish i never want to remember. All i want to say, there's too many diff kind of people in the world that might exceed your expectation. Just be who you are, and you'll get the right one.
There are always reluctant, but still have look forward (: look back for your memories, look forward for your tomorrow (: haha, just thought of this sentence.

So uhm, im with my baby sis alone at home. Boring, i must say. haha, but i have my lappy she have her tv. ;D

Taa, off to cyberloafing and study (;


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