Saturday, March 06, 2010

Had MO quiz and i got 11/20. im suck at that kay. Even failed my history and got to resit. Dengg! 

Went the curve with Gong after class, had sakae my lurvey.

This is what a-must order each time dine-in at Sakae, and i solo finish all. Gong don loves raw food. But im totally desperate for it! this is the medium premium, i don rmb the name.

The bought new nail colour, and finally i got the colour i wanted for so long!

See the pink? i blended with white. Snow white. well, pictures not that clear. This is just half way done, design not on yet. Title: 2010 Birthday nail (: 

Oh, let's update you guys with my new fav choco from Meiji.

Strawberry chocolate from meiji. Jacky bought it from taiwan =D for all of us and last i took the box. keke !

Aite, going off to finish up my nails. 


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