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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Read the title? i know i've been abandon my blog for 8days already. but somehow it's not dead kay, still alive. Hopefully there are still some readers stay glued here ><" im sorry for leaving my blog alone these days. was busy with assignments and many things has happened in these days. Aite, since im back to update. A picture of me, not the latest one but taken on .... end of feb ;D just to remind my readers of how i looks like so you wont forget me. 

just a quick update,

Wait, have you been following me in twitter yet? if not, what are you waiting for? just Click Here right now! i tweet more than i blog, well i dont blog often like last time already but my blogging soul will be back after my exams. But my twitter & facebook soul will nvr goes, so follow me up there!

If you did follow me in twitter or fb, i've mention how lonely i am in the past few days my both lil sis went Macau to enjoy their holidays with my aunt & uncle. Fun righht? im alone at home doing my assignment and studying. ><" well, atleast mee, dee & gong still here for me ^^

So yea, back to topic. Sis finally back from Macau yesterday night and they always love me so much ;D they nvr forget me even they are enjoying without me. Awwww, my best sis.

Stuff from them, they bought for me de leh, sweet right?

See this sweet? well, i always want this sweet very much. I shall call it candy. I found OU has this shop called Sticky, which selling only this type candy. But i nvr have a chance to buy, yet. Finance prob and always forgot when im at OU. Dumbo me -.- Not forget to mention that this candy is form Isabell. Lurvey!

A cute hello kitty calculator. Nice right? not the original Hello Kitty ofcourse. This is from my aunt. and they told me there's Hello Kitty brand shop but things are too expensive >< argghh, FYI im absolutely a Hello kitty fans. Im now wanting to buy an external Keyboard and mouse form Hello Kitty lor. 

And taadaaa ! rmb this perfume? which i was so desperate for it. Cause my nina ricci already habis. and daddy decided to buy me this as my birthday present. So lovely ;D and now i can finally completely finish up my nina ricci and start using this, DKNY be delicious Fresh Blossom. Muacks! 

I've updated to my twitter and fb, I got my lovely Barbie brand contact lenses already. I bought Grey and blue this time. i wanted pink so much though im still having one now but buy for extra and in-case the old one cant wear. but sad they said they got no more stock for my pink ): sobs. Barbie Super Nudy blue is abit more diff from the Geo Nudy blue. im still wearing Geo Nudy blue right now, till see when or if any special day i will open up my Barbie Super Nudy Blue. Grey im thinking when to start wearing, Grey is always the best choice FYI. (; i bought two grey, Barbie wawa's and Barbie Super Nudy's. Both are diff de lor, must try! ;D I love their packaging so much, if you dont rmb, i actually posted in last month's archive when i first bought barbie brand. 

i must stop here right now, i left my spec at gong's place and see if he bother about me to bring my spec here early. I cant concentrate doing my assignment with my contact lens, it makes my eyes so dry and uncomfortable. ); 

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