Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yea, one paper down and two more on Wed and Fri. Wish me luck (:

It's my exam week lor, then holidays next week and waiting for May intake but haven register yet. Hehees. 

Picture alot on the Sunday, ofcourse i didn't post it up at fb. and purposely took some not-so-nice pictures because i want to edit it with photoshop. Nth much, just wanna try out the effects and mix and match the effetcs.

p/s: im using photoshop cs3

This is my recently fb profile pic. Nice? I uses most of the adjustments. and i use none of the filter effects.

Here's another two i did yesterday.

What do you think about it? 

and once again, FYI i use none of filter effects, ONLY effects from adjustment. (: I wanna try to learn more from adjustment, mixing it and stuff like that. Filter is kind a lil bit cheating, haha. IDK, i seldom use those, only adding blur effects and sharpen effects. 

Well, i usually edit pictures based on the picture feelings. It depend what kind of feeling does the picture gives me then i'll edit according the feeling. Weird right? but that's how i do. (: 

you wanna see the diff?

Before after

Before after

Just slightly diff bah, not a pro yet kay. (: but i just loves to play with effects. I have edited more in my old album in fb. Check it out bah.

Teehee Loves,

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