I'm finally 19, one year older. (;

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hello, so yea my blog is rather dead now.

well, kinda busy and lazy now days. Here's a simple update of my 19th birthday (:

So, you may not want to know the full details of that whole entire day. I dont even want to mention, i can only say i hate my 19th birthday. Sorry.

as i mentioned earlier,

My 2010 birthday nails, i named it Barbie Snow. Because it's abit like snowy type and barbie nails feeling.

on the sunday, 7th of march.

Had my early celebration with family, reason is because they are all not free on my day so we had it earlier.

(: thanks my lovely family.

Then, i had my countdown celebration with my very best BFF on the monday night 8th of march at the curve, Garden. the place was awesome and expensive.

My yummy cakes from Ken (:


and after ..

The colour is damn nice right? my new fav drink right now. Mine is Soda Rose, i love rose drinks. and Sam's Sodas green apple. The Pink and the Green, Jieyi & Sam. 

So Ken came late but he bought me the cakes, thanks. Then we moved on to another place for yum cha as Garden is closing, and both of them gave me a birthday hug and my very first wishes! 

Last but not least, i dont wanna mention my day just some highlights. 

Had a tea time with Zhen Goh, a birthday cake from Albert and a present from Onggie (:

A watch from him, thank you! 

you may think the watch is in some medium size but it's actually very tiny and just right for my tiny hand, i heard the way he search for a watch for me, i felt really nice cos he only ask for pink one, hahaa. well, i love the watch, don worry kay? i'll promise to wear it all the time (; 

That's all for now, need some rest for today. then got to start up with tmr's presentation and test on the thursday, Bye (; 

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