6more days, (:

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wooots, 6 more days to the pink day (; How fast time flies. Aiks. 

I really love having fun with my friends, like the gang of friends in coll. the UCFF0903 - G1 (; i love you guys, *whoops. 

I never felt that for so long, well life still have to go on and i'll meet more and more people each day. But you guys i'll never forget. the Xiao Dom Dom, Horny Jim Jim XD Horny Onggie, Xiao Jau Jau, Baboon, Ka Chan and all of you (; 

Like 3 more weeks, we're gonna step into our own future path. How i wish we could still study together, so let's go for the same intake okay! ;D 

Had fun today during the last class. I don't know why i feel so cherish today when we all playing around with that sweet thingy. I felt so touch i have friends like you guys (; Jokers. Hahaa, 

p/s: im sorry la, im still feeling in highschl. 5 years study together and stuff like that. and oh, if you know about my highschl time, you will know why i'll feels touch of having many good friends (; 

Lalaaa, but we still gonna contact each other rite? (; 

So, back to topic. Im so gonna turn to 19 soon. But i don feel like im going any mature yet. Still a kid inside ;D 

Everybody will definately have their own birthday list every year, right? So do i. but i know im greedy for my birthday list, many people does aite. Somehow my birthday list, i got to go to bed and dream them. ;X 

But the very first thing i want is .. 

FYI, i love perfume very much. Im now living without perfume okay, it almost kills me. I do have perfume, but not what i want. If you don't know, im telling you now. My previous perfume was Nina Ricci red apple. I love that so much, i used it every single day. till it left really abit now, so i only use when necessary. >.< 

I am so desperate for the perfume for like so long, since it first released. I love the smell so much and i got so shock DKNY delicious come with pink, it's Fresh Blossom! I love those freshy sweet elagant smell perfume (: every girls love perfume kay, not every la, but mostly. 

But if possible, i would love to collect the Delicious miniature (; 

Is damn cute kan? 

Then next i want .. 

A maltese! well, people who know me they know im so desperate for a puppy. Esp Maltese! Isn't it cute?? It's pure white and 90% similar to Shih Tsu. But cuter than Shih Tsu aye!

My dad actually allowed me to own a dog since last yr already but we just having problem with my old parents at home plus my condo doesn't allowed pet! Aiks ); or else i would already own one and it might just sitting right beside me blogging with me. *Awwwwww!

And for those who know me and went to pet shop see puppy with me before, i could just stay there for more than 30minutes to see the doggy (if only it's cute and my type) .

Well, i rarely see Maltese here, there is but rare. I even did hold a baby Maltese which only two of my palm size kay, cute kan?

Okay, i must stop thinking of my Maltese, else my dad will come and kill me >.<


The third present i want for my birthday (: 

I always desperate for one watch, Guess or Gucci for now. I actually spot on this Gucci i think, is damn nice and sweet and you can change the belt. They have Pink Blue and White. Cool right? but it cost a bomb! like rm680 + but it's dam nice and i think it's worth lo okay. But well, im inlove this Guess watch, i know it's the old series one but who cares? I do love stainless steel kind as long it's with Pink (: Sorry la, too choosy on colour edi. 

Forth place goes to.. 

The twilight books! I love that series movies okay, now waiting for Eclipse, i heard it's end of this year. (: You don ask me Jacob or Edward, i wont choose either one nor both. (: I just love them in the movie but not in the reality. XD *Don't throw me* 

Fifth place, taadaa .. 

Be@rbrick! Bearbrick is my all time favourite, i dont mind if it's not pink okay! I do collect them but i don't buy them because financial prob. I have few of them now from my lovely friend, Dudek and Albert. My 2009 present (: 

But this is the one i want for this year, 

Say hi to M@riBrick! (: well, it's releasing in August 2010. Sad right? But I can start order now, Ngekk! (can you hear that? XD) 

But it's fine, as long you get me a bearbrick (original one okay!) and i will definately say thank you ^^ 

then then, this ! 

I wan a freaking iPhone, with 3G and 16Gb, (kill me now -.-) fine, i wan an iPhone! Im so deperate for one now, im seeing everyone now is owning one and it's influencing me >.< Sam wants one too ;D High5 babe! 

Then the last place, which is the only thing i bet i can never own it for now. 

It's a ... 

A damn COACH! Im so desperate for it. They now have the new series, in Pink. I not sure if is any of this in the picture. But i love the sling bag one. So nice! but i do love handbag alot. 


Slap my head now! or bang me with something else!! I love to dream so much aye -.- 

I notice that every single thing i want im putting the word "Deperate". Well, hell yea im desperate for these in 2010! but not a DSLR yet, cos that's leaving for 2011 kay? XD 

Hey, have you turn on to MyFM this morning? There's this game about maths and their total prize amount is around like 1.5k and this girl won it! OMG!! I was still thinking i could buy all my prezie with this amount man. How damn lucky is this girl la. Well, if it's belongs to you it will be yours, if it dont, then wait for it lah ^^ Dont give up kay. 

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