April Fool!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

It's April Fool! have you got Fooled? or have you fooled the others? hahaha, i did not get fooled neither fool the others.

It was my 1st day working in an office, under account department. Just for 1 month. It's my aunt's office, sitting beside her. 

First time experience the office environment, although it's not those 5star office. my table is just right opposite the two bosses.

p/s: the boss from UK damn leng zai, and young (idk how old) and a damngod genius. hahaha. He's room just infront of me. BUahahahaa, *kap kap* 

First day, im tired because sitting the whole 8hours just for filing. It's god damn alot. -.- still got another half have to continue tomorrow. Grrrrzz .. 

Fine, this is the beginner stage in the office. (: 

Oh ya, not forget to shout out that i am no longer a LA, don ask why. Sad.

Let's talk something else. 

Im sure every human loves pictures will definately download alot diff kind of photo editing software. The most popular adobe photoshop, even now up to cs4, but im find using cs3. 

There are also alot photo editing software which already setted the effects and all you need to do is just click click then your photo have a 5seconds done effects. I personally don like those, i like manually like photoshop (colour effects im saying). 

I've downloaded a cheat software called Xiuxiu. Haha, that's exceed my expectation. It's totally out of my mind. You can even make up with it, makes your eyes bigger bla bla. Im sorry to offence that software but i seriously don like it. Hahaa, idk why also. You can whiten your skin, make your eyes like wearing on some colour lenses, even bigger eyes bla bla .. hahah .. 

Whoops, *stop insulting* 

Im now so addicted to 3songs, 2 bass hunter's and another 1 fannypack. but im gonna get that 3 songs within an hour, Onggie sending (: he's line bad bad so have to send one by one. Aiyok! 

Oh, look at this picture below. I almost forgot about this picture -.- Keep typing ..

FYI, 100% no edit. Original picture, and that sun light i definately get from the strong hot sun shot by using my c905. buahahhaa, i figured that skill when i halfway cam-ing in car. ;D keke .. i got few more picture also like this. Ngekk. *syok sendiri* 

my hair still short, i mean my back hair. and damn thick -.- but i love my original hair colour. ngekk ngekk! 

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