Burst Brain -.-

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hello, a very simple and quick post.

My head so gonna burst, i must go to bed by 10pm tonight. Musttt!

As i've said earlier, i don't have enough sleep and rest for the whole week. Add ons ytd woke early till night 11pm and not forget i did not sleep well the whole night. Non-stop waking up. zzz ..

Im working so hard today, as in tahan-ing the sleepless and restless brain .. feeling so uncomfortable plus my back neck is so so so pain ): and my toe today i-don't-know why so pain .. feeling like something non-stop poking ..

I need some comments/suggestion.

I wanna know Sun & Surf Cafe buffet @ Sunway resort , the food is nice or not and the price, for Dinner .

Cos im thinking if the DInner buffet price is quite close to Jogoya's (Dinner rm88++) then must well i go Jogoya but Gong doesnt know the way there ):

I actually going through alot website, i found the DInner Buffet is rm78++ @ Sun & Surf cafe. I wanna know if the food is worth for it or not, else im going to Jogoya instead.


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