I hate the weather so so much.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Great, atleast it rain in the past 4hours. So that i can have a nice sleep tonight. This afternoon weather i totally crazy kay, i can feel my skin burning even i just stand under the sun for 1second. Ishhh .. when i was having my nap this afternoon and after i woke up, my bed and pillow is wet, i sweat so much and i got this real weird and scary dream which makes me feel so real. OMGGG ><

I'm going for my own diet plan soon, still calculating and writing the plans all the stuff. I must control my appetite, not gonna simply eat. the calories are scary when i finally now about those. eeee ..

Look at my effin' fat and round face. @@

Cam in the car today .. i've never tie up my hair for so long and i decided to tie a side bun today due to the stupid weather ..

yes, i love making pig faces. ;D

kinda boring today, was thinking to go to some mall for free air-conds .. but i decided to stay at home. i don't even want to step out my hse door, jesus!

has been downloading iphone app so so much these 3days. hahaa, i know im crazy. im just getting more despo to own an iphone after seeing all the app and stuff. but i still got to wait for another month due to $$.

i planned to get the 6month+iphone that package, so i don have to pay for 24months or 36months, that's gonna kill me. with the 6months plan, i can just pay all one shot and get my iphone and i can cut the line off after 6months. (: i'll be getting new number for the postpaid one, cos i wanna keep my  D'campus, i scare if after 6months no more this plan then i'll cry ><

i love today's pictures .. it's all bright enough and nice. no  any editing kay, i don't really edit pictures by making my skin smoother or making my eyes bigger like what others do. i prefer showing up my original one. (: even like today's all pictures are so fat .. ;/

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