Tuesday, April 06, 2010

As i was saying, i really want to have a new blog layout. I found this professional designer, she can write pretty nice layout but the prob is the price. i can't afford that amount, sighs. i even drawn the layout i want, i just need someone to write the code for me as im just too noob in it. but still looking for one, so let me know if your willing to write the codes for me, email me or pm me, i'll send you my design and the details. (:

I slept only like, 4hours ytd night. Today working almost killed me. Nope, it's not tired is just that im tooo sleepy cause the previous day im tired, and tired + tired = IDK, superb tired? haha .. crap.

definately i'll offline earlier today, i really need a longer rest. I still got to work tmr, it's all paper work. that's drivin' me crazy man.

I was reading my emails yesterday, and i saw i have one junk mail so i opened and read ..

And it's a scam, i laughed and stunned. i think it's my first time i got a scam mail/msg. There are really alot scam like sms, emails, phone calls or anyway you can receive a msg. Scams started few years ago, and it's getting more now. In the beginning, there are numbers of people really did what the scam msg asked for. Scams usually ask for your names, contacts, some of your personal details and probably ask you to bank in an amount because you won smth or what-so-ever. I don't remember if any of my families members or relatives has received these but i think there are few. Ofcourse they aren't stupid, they ended up report to the company or police. Scams usually will pretend from a company and tell you you won something or bla bla but you need to bank in an amount to get your prize lalala .. who cares. -.- 

And there's also a very popular case which this group of ppl will call you up and ask you to off your phone saying that they need to maintainence or smth, then the other side they'll call your family members saying that your with them and if you don't transfer this amount of money your daughter/son will die bla bla, they also get another person to pretend your voice in order to make your family believe that this is true. 

One of my mom's colleague has received this before, the first thing he did was hang up the phone and on the other hand he get his friends/family to go to his child's schl to pick his children. I like the most was, he leave that phone on call for the whole day and that person can just bilibala on the phone for the whole day. But one thing, he did not report to police. LOLs. 

As i always said, the world is so scary. tsk tsk. 

Oh not forget, once your a wanna-be or a copy-cat, forever is one. After a wanna-be copied this that this that, and decided not to. he/she actually already transform into this that this that. what am i crapping -.- All i wanna say is, being yourself is yourself that born like this. Not yourself that already completely transform into another yourself. Understand? fine, ignore me. 

Honestly, i don't 100% believe a person ( that himself/herself was a past wanna-be ) who actually have the exact same interest/likes/bla bla with the another person. Only because he/she have already transform him/herself into another person and take it as "be yourself" without noticing. 

CRAPP! ignore these !! i have so many words in my heart yet im crapping to let it out instead. -.- 

Byes, teehee. 

Ignore this pic, i know it's ugly. >< 

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