Monday, April 12, 2010

Bad bad gastric is back nao! ishh ..

went pm with Gong, i don't rmb when was the last time we both went there.. like last yr?

some ppl ask, why do ppl love going pm so much? well, i think there are more than 10reasons for this question ..

my answer is, i love going pm because i love eating. but obviously i dont buy all foods there, only 3-4 foods. hahaa, cos the foods are almost repeating plus im kind of choosy on foods. besides, i prefer buying some nails stuff at pm because it's cheaper than buying in malls. im sure every girls now, 88% of them is wearing fake eye lashes. including me, ;D but i think i only wear for some special hang outs or depend. so, to get cheap eye lashes, definately will be in pm. hahaa, like 6pairs for rm10 or even cheaper idk. i have not been buying for very long because i still have .. i reuse my fake eye lashes, fyi.

recently i've been discovering on simple natural make ups, ofcourse i also come with my own way.

my way of simple and natural make ups,

1. base/foundation
2.lose powder
3.light pink/orangy pink blusher
4. brown eye shadow
5. eye liner
6.skin colour lip balm/gloss.

i hate lip stick honestly, idk why but i just don like lipsticks. i love lip gloss and lip balm, it gives me natural lips colour. and i only use light peach pink or orangy light pink colour. (: both colour will give you more natural and sweet look (: but also depend how much and how you use it then it will come with diff effects.

ahhhh, i want my iphone! *random betul*

well, i still haven make a video for project alpha star season 3, omggg .. i must do it by this week already. ;X (p/s: yess, im too despo to be a feh-mas blogger! who doesnt?)

im thinking to start with some make ups or hair do or mayb some nails tutorial. what do you think?

so, i've bought some new nails stuff and was shifting my nails stuff from old small kit to a slightly bigger one but yet still need a bigggger one.

probably i'll wait till May only i'll do my nails again, reason is because im working now, need to do alot paper work so it might hurts sometimes. Mayb i'll make a video of how i make my next nails design .. mayb only kay.

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