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Friday, April 23, 2010

Sorry bloggy, i still love bloggy okay?

i know i've been MIA for a week, all thanks to my lovey drama make me *Walk into the fire*, hahaa .. direct translate from chinese. LOLL!

as i said i watched Ice Kacang Puppy Love, well i can say it's really really superb nice! you rarely find M'sia nice movie, after DaRiZi, i think Ice Kacang Puppy Love can just beat all M'sia movies. :D

I've got so much to blog but my brain juice dried now, im stuck of what to blog.

So, been not-enough-sleep for almost the whole week just to finish up my drama, but i still left 3episodes right now. Either finish it tonight or tmr night.

I kept staying up till 1230am - 1am just for my drama, i even forgot my dinner, bath, and didn't even want to bother other stuff, i just want my drama! LOLs, So damn crazy right?

if you did follow me in twitter or facebook, you can see i keep updating the status saying whether i should continue my drama in the night or not.. hhee .. Yess, i do tweet more than i blog all the time..

Another reason i did not want to blog is because it took my whole life time to upload pictures sometimes, so i gave up.. and sometimes lazy larh i admit cos when im tired and sleepless i really cant think of anything to blog about, not even to write what had just happened in the past 1minutes.

See my face so pale and so chan nao!

Wednesday i took off, to teman Gong and also to went to visit my specialist for my fugly toe. Planning of operation when doctor is back from his trip, like 2weeks later i think ..

For the fans of baskin robin and fans of PINK like me! a totally huge fan of baskin and superb pink girl, a-must know that wednesday is the Pink day of Baskin. How cool can it be, OMGG!

you can get two scoop ice-cream and pay only 1 scoop ice-cream price, cool right?

But sad, wed dint manage to go that day. Gong's fault, blame him. ): keke ..

Quite a long time i dint walk to baskin, finance prob.

Yea, took on last Saturday. Fat face!

i feel like want to watch so so so many movie, like almost every sat im heading to Cinema. Not every Sat but most of the Sat. o.0"

Sobs, got to wait for my uncle to back from outstation, till 30 april. I haven even got the chance to speak to him about my iphone yet. How sad can it be mann.. ):

well, my salary is coming to me 1week + more, Happy!!

And that'll time for shopping, but small lil shopping. i dint want to spend much plus im planning to bring mummy daddy for dinner. (: Thinking of nice place with reasonable price and place i know so i can drive them. Any suggestion? Not further than Mid Valley and Puchong probably.

Rmb i said i wanna join project alpha?

Here it is!

Taadaa! Vote for me okay?

Click Here to vote for me, but sadly u gotta sign up an acc.. i knew everyone hates to reg a new acc, but plsss ... (:

Been argueing and having prob  with gong these dayz, sighs .. Don't wanna mention..

Well, i've thought alot alot the whole week.. about Life, even planned to write something about life in chinese. My english sucks alot kay. Probably will write it when my feeling is back. (:


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