Saturday, April 10, 2010

oops, have not been blogging. 3days only, (:

was bit tired these days and kinda hectic with work too. but yet i don like sleep early, so the tiredness keep on adding adding. haha..

let's have some picture post first ..

Cute bo? im a fans of Hello Kitty, this HK lolipop bought from Korean. My mom's friend gave to us, 2 pink 1 white 1blue and 1orange. it's still right in front of me now, i don't eat lolipops that much but i do love to collect them, hahaa..

I haven been posting up my current office, this is how it looks like. im sitting beside the purple chair (:

A lil art from me, i love sketching (: i sketches is on Thursday and Friday when i got nothing to do. Hehees, ..

FYI, i looooveeee japan, korea and taiwan magazine superb much. totally an addiction. but i have not been buying myself mag for alsmot a year, reason is because finance. i used to purchase every month last 2years, popteen cawaii and 女人我最大. but due to finance prob, i stop the order from the book store.

So like finally, i bought two mag, Vivi and 女人我最大, it's my second time reading Vivi. LOLs, nothing much attracts me. so i leave it one side. XD

but there's one thing i found out from Vivi mag..

Barbie brand cosmetics. OMG, if it launch in Malaysia, im so gonna take a look and see how ;D but currently i have enough cosmetics, only need to restock one or two of it.

It's Saturday, as usual i have class.

Saturday has been me and Gong's day. We always spend Saturday since last yr, it's a must to see meet up on every Sat. it started because only Sat we have more time, sighs. =/ Only Sat, once in a week.

So yea, last week we went out. this week we stayed at home and cook our own dinner. I cook one okay (:

we had spegetthi . Yummms..

We cook a very big portion, both of us can't finish. thanks to Gong keep adding the pasta. -.-

But it's yummy, Gong likes it.

My outlook always makes ppl think im a clubber, naughty type, very out-going, or wtv you ppl think. Majority strangers first time meet me, my first image to them was all these crappy images -.- but when you get to know the truth me, all of them got so shocked that my in and out is different.

Well, it's because the way i dress myself. i've got this kind of crappy images since i was like .. 12 or 13. LOLs, when i was just 14, "Hey, your a clubber right?" "Hey, tonight 9pm free? go yum cha." haha ..

Let's tell you some, the truth of me. My parents are strict, my current curfew is 11pm or earlier, but depend. when i was <18 yr old, my curfew was 8-9pm. that's very suck i know. I can't even go out that often and i can never over night at whoever's house, not even my cousin's, i must be at home everynight. I don't have house keys even now (: if go out, depend with who will have diff timing, but longest not more than 8-9hours. One week only twice going out or three times, depend. These are some my house rule for me.

About myself, well, if your my friends. I totally dislike clubbing, smoking. But only 1 thing i do, drinking (: I love fashion very much, i learnt to dress up since 14 and first putting make ups since 16, still a noob (: I don't like to go to the mall for nothing, if just window shopping i'll think about it or either i rather to stay at home. I dont game, aint a gamer. But im totally a huge fans of Maple and Mario. I'm still playing right now, Mario. Maple i stopped because im so broke inside. haha .. As everyone knows me, totally a pink addict. Imma pink addict since i was very young. Wtv pink stuff cheer me up, i can just smile at you if you give me a lil pink pen, key chain. even if you just give me a very nice pink paper, i can just yay and big big smile for you (: I love reading, don't surprise. My face never show i do read. But i really do okay. Well, i dont club but im superb playful sometimes. (: Btw, sometimes i spend alot, it only happens when i think it's worth to buy that stuff. I've been saying, i've already cutted down my spendings. I dont simply buy stuff by seeing it " wow, nice i wan.." no more like this. Hahaa, but pink stuff never keep my eyes off. I'll see if i need it, it's worth or not, only i'll pay. else i'll just, "owhh, cute! it's pink.. but i don need it, bye pinky" ;D

There's one thing, some ppl who don really know me, they say to me "Eh, you damn rich hor. Always see you come with diff branded handbags, hse so many cars, bla bla bla bla .. " This i must say, is so not true, im just in an average standard. Having branded stuff, having nice cars, having nice stuff doesnt mean your rich. This is abit naive, like what i always tell my dad “Dee, look! that leng zai so rich, he's driving xxx car" my dad will see, depend which car and laugh at me. he told me, outlook packaging never always be the same as the content. LOLs. agree too. my family not rich, but we have burberry, coach, gucci (showing off).. haha XD

Okay, some lil info for you ppl who thinks im such a bad naughty clubber. hahaa ..

I always want to turn my hair colour to dark redish brown. But my dad thinks it's lala, very naughty type. So i never dye and im getting more lovin my hair natural colour. It wont be too dark, it have some natural brown feelings. But it only happens under lights. (: you can even see diff colour like red, gold -.-

I never shown Me and Gong's pic for so long, ..

My cipet gong. You might think he's lansi, or wtv bad person. But the truth of him is so so not. Because i know him very deeply. I know what kind of person is he, though he has a very baby face with lansi face. Hahaa, ..

I noticed my glasses always got reflection of my hand taking my phone camming there.. hahaa ..

Btw, i missed Coffee with Nuffies. How nice if i could attend so i'll get to know more about NN. ):

Who went? ;/ hmmm ..

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