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Sunday, April 04, 2010


Aiks, my USE card reader is not with me so i can't upload pictures.

Went out with Gong today. First off to Gong's place first and had brunch at Mayang. Okay, the another worst thing happened in my life. We sat at the second floor at the restaurant, they have one roof outside and we were sitting at the side. Out of a sudden my phone felt out on the roof. !@#$% i shouted and shocked and totally freak out. I was like, STOPPP sliding down else i need to get my iphone instantly d. it's damn scary. Now my phone got extra scratches. Sad, not even 1yr old kay. SHITT!

Off to OU at around 4pm, had a lil shopping and walk and look for his friends .. and i walked in some clothes shop and beauty shop.

I got myself a leave-in day & night hair treatment @ SASA which cost me rm54.90. that's somehow a bomb for me, i barely spend that much on a thing for sometimes already.

Sexy Girl Day & Night Treatment water.

It's a Japan Brand, this product already in Malaysia for 2-3 years or more. I always want to try their product, their body cream. I actually wanted to try on their wax but it cost for 34.90 and i dint want to spend so much now and since i still have my another 2wax so i think i shouldn't waste that money. My hair need a leave-in treatment, so i give a try on this and result was not bad and i love the smell. It's nice ..

Had BBQ Plaza for dinner, (: then off for movie Just another Pandora's box. The movie is really stupid. LOL. and very funny.. a comedy. Haha ..

So home after that. Nice day spend with Gong, (:

Some webcam pics with sista, ;D

the two pigs, ;D teehees.

she was trying to make her face sharper in the picture, ..

But we want to looks like a gold fish instead.

I loovee this effect but not with my webcam. My webcam's this effect sucks alot. See? I call this alien effect which im so so inlove with it.

Urm, some fishy look?

ahahaha ..

tralalal, let's say something.

Im now consider getting more and more despo to have my own iphone and i already decided to get one next month. Already comfirmed! reason why i want an iphone cos i love applications. and Gong can play games with it while waiting for me for smth bla bla .. and i'll still keep my c905 for camera use and depend. haha .. so mayb will have two number ba. =/

for iphone hardcore, 4G is coming out. (or already out?)

4G's features not bad, OLED screen, titanium and glass one. Removable battery unlike 3Gs has built-in battery and you got to say bye to your iphone if Batt died.

Click to enlarge.

But 3Gs one nicer, round corner. ;D and 4G has better feature. overall app still same de bah. (: So im taking 3Gs 16gb, comfirmed. i wanna 32gb. INCASE too many of app and games and songs. Hahaa, that's me ;D but 32gb is more exp. See how (:

last i want to talk about before i end my post.

I really really wanna join Project Alpha star season 3. But im having headache of the video, can anybody tell me the deadline pls? my brain juice are totally dried. I can't squeeze any idea out at all. Sighs.

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