Feeling just a kid.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The title say it all, im still feeling like a 5yr old kid nao.

I went through many bloggies. turning back to mine, a kiddy bloggy . LOLs.

But honestly, i barely feel myself a 19 year old girl.

My dad warn me after going out 4 Saturdays, only.

I don't think it's too much going out ONLY once in a week, overall i only go out 4 times per month.


Yet he WARNED me. Blah, i do say all the time, i've got used to it. But seriously i just wanna make myself feel more like a legal person, though my curfew extended..LIKE-REALLY-EXTENDED.  hahaa!

it's just half way typing, but i know most of you is saying "there are many poorer than you" or things like that. But if you want to read this, you don't come to compare me with others k? me here just telling my feelings.

I must say i do love my family and they way they take care and protect me. But sometimes i just wish to be abit more like the others 19 year old people.

i didn't mean like, going clubs and have such fantastic powderful night. But atleast no warning from going out only ONCE in a week lor.

Tsk, besides, i do appreciate nags from them and i do understand. but, like everyone say to me all the time, "great, you so gonna wait till 21, haha" -.-

Like seriously, my no-curfew no-warns only when im after 21?

i don't blame how they controls me, but sometimes the words they say .. i think it's too much.

a very good example, "NO! he is so much diff from them" (meaning behind: He= no studies type Them=my coll mate/schl friends) isn't this is crisis? or wtv to describe.

 I mean, hello, everyone is the same okay. you don't have to wear colour-specs or make yourself like having dog-eyes looking down on people.

Gawdd ..

Let's not spoil the post yet.

I received photos from JackieLoi, one of the photographer.

I personally love this one among all ..

Well, i've said before i prefer landscape and photos like this.. (:

I think this is nice too, and 1 more ..

i likey this 3 the most among all.

and i think it's really time for DIET PLAN, i know im always never-ending-diet. Diet plan of mine actually not everyday, hahaa .. cos sometimes tired and lazy then skip . aiks ..

i think i must really improve my english real soon. Reading so many bloggies and back to mine, feelin' like a 5yr old blog. tsk tsk ..

Oh ya, im planning to straighten my hair but it kind costy. rm238 included treatments and cut. Ofcourse me not gonna cut my hair but mayb trim my fringe..

still thinking, sumore need to buy my baby iphone  .. and buffet with gong, (cos i said i wanna treat him), and mayb dinner on mother's day (also count half on me) .. if like that, i'll left only abit of my salary and no shopping liao. =X

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