Another Saturday ♥

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's another Saturday, which my only once in a week get to meet my friends and Gong.

And also Saturday the only day i drive, but daddy said wanna bring me for breakfast today so he drove instead. (:

Class was as usual. Only me, domme and jau. Like every week the same ppl (: haha ..

Follow the routine, gong came over to fetch me and went Secret receipe to get cakes. I questioned him, why will you think of coming to SR? he replied, cos it's been 2years i never have yummy cakes here with you. Awww, how lovely ♥

Our Cakey, we both love cheese cake.

His fav blurberry cheese,

and my fav New york cheese.

But my top fav cheese cake - Orea Cheese cake from Australia cake shop. i not sure where can i find that bakery, got to ask my mom. But definately not from Australia la, haha ..

Back to Gong's place first and had Pizza for lunch/tea time. (:

A picture shows that how small is my hand, hahaa .. most of the time my hand i the smallest among my friends and cousins.. Short and fattest fingers, lols. But ofcourse mine not the smallest yet la.

Photoshoot tmr with JackieLoi , Ken and Mike.

Phew, my very first photoshoot was .. 4years ago in seventeen mag. and here comes my second time with them .. kinda suck in posing, =/ hope i won't trouble them tmr, :D

Going for bed, got to wake early tmr for photoshoot @@

Nights, (:

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