Thursday, April 29, 2010

I was suppose to blog yesterday, but thanks to stupid line took ages to upload my pictures so i gave up and since i aint in the nice mood.. but well, iphone turns me up ^^

 hehe, a messy hair look . (:

!@#$% great, in the pass 5minutes i rmb what i want to blog .. then after 5minutes my picture finally finish upload and forget what i wanna continue here .. -.-

let's say randomly.

i love my current hair very much, i mean i do love my hair since young, never ending-lovey my hair. But sighs, it's puffy messy and though it's moisture nicely with vitamins but it looks so dry. NO okay, my hair aint dry ):

it's been 2years+ i dint do any straightening perming or wtv digital-spoiler. LOL. but im going to straighten my hair 1week before degree starts and also with costy $$, the price.

But what else can i do, it's my lovely hair. I'd willing to spend for it (: as long i have great-perfect-looking hair. Hahaa!

I always want a dark-browny-redish or a dark browny-goldy hair colour .. but parents always give me the same sentence :" why are you so samseng? " !@#$% kan? After that i realise my hair natural colour do looks nice under sun light and my hair do have it's own natural hair colour, so yea.. forget about it. It spoils my hair too cos i don't print money, couldn't go for hair treatment everytime.

I was actually planning next yr till my fringe grow long till ear length then do wavy, but now i want a better straight hair so wait another yr la. probably end of 2011 XD and got a-damn-long-hair only do wavy. (:

Many people ask me to try short hair, i did but honestly.. i can never live without long hair and my face shape doesn't suit short hair-style. I know-well my hair and face, (: (what english is this -.-)

I am so so so got to improve my english *ramdom -.-* but it's true ..

Getting more people wanna be famous, and me too! haha .. but im not that despo actually .. i just love the way i am, the life-way i have now (: just a simple ordinary happy life with what i want, what i got and best if abit more self-earn $$ :D

*hint hint* i need more jobs!!

if you know me, i don't actually ask $$ from parents unless i have to. but most of the time i don't ask from them, i use my own money on wtv stuff i want.. so that's the reason i'm being so "hardworking" to work in coll and even work 1month part time in my aunt's office as Accountant Assistant (so wtf, i know nothing about accounts yet im doing A/A.)

ofcourse, my mom do give me pocket money once in a while, but when she forgot or didn't, i don't ask.. srsly.


So yea, my uncle coming back tmr and hopefully i get to meet him on saturday.. I can't wait for my iBaby !!

hehe, yeap. my future iphone name. iBaby! or iPrincess .. since my lappy named iPrincess and also most of my personal stuff named princess or similar ..

oh ya, i just scrolled up and see what's the opening for this post.. as i was saying, iphone turns me up ytd when im feeling so down..

reason behind: was chatting with JiaHao aka Fake, my coll friends and also the iPhone gang aka iTT. i know more about iphone now and makes me can't wait to own one and join the gang and sooner open the iTT club XD hahaha ..

and i got so excited i spotted on this rubber casing, Angel which everybody is now using the devil one. haha, it's in baby pink and so cute y'know! and i actually bought my iphone's decorations. to decorate the pouch/casing .. wtv it calls. But i still can't mange to find that yet. So the first thing i do when i got iBaby,to bring my iBaby's Angel rubber casing home! (:

Teehee !!

You see, i love my so-smooth-flexible hair.. and it's still short -.-

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