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Friday, April 02, 2010

Boo! Im so so crave for Slurpee these days, So i get myself one just now! 

Ignore my fugly fatty face.

Today work was okay, no problem (:

If you rmb that i've mentioned in my earlier post, i kind of desperate for Digi iPhone. Nono, i mean iPhone!

And finally digi has came out iDigi iPhone, then Maxis LMAO went cheaper rm200 for their iPhone. Tikus!!

p/s: Shoo shoo Jackyloi, He hates iPhone and keep telling me howw tempting N900 is. ;p

So, back to iPhone. i personally not 100% love iPhone, only 89%. reason is because the do have built-in bluetooth but you cant "tooth" to other phones, ONLY "tooth" to iPhone. Sad right?

But since i love using applications such as Twitter bla bla, so i choose iPhone lor.

I've been "tik tiak" on the calculator the whole day today. I must really superbly save for pay.

This is the iDigi plan. I can say Digi always the best.

Obviously, only i88 is the most affordable for me plus now my phone bill dont even exceed rm50-60 per month. I damn save lor plus D'campus save for me so much.

Besides, you see the usage.. Is the best lah! For ALL NETWORK. Where can you get so cheap liao?

The iPhone plan, i planning to take 16GB and EPP 24+12. Each month i have to pay rm106 (already included i88) for 36 months.

That wont be a big prob just some $$ prob. );

1more thing, Gong said "36months a?? who knows if next yr you want another new phone leh?" -.- poot ngor lang sui (pour cold water on me)

Im still thinking. ): asking Gong to pay half for me but answer still pending. Sobs.

What do you think?

oh, not forget me and mummy was comparing like debating yesterday. Comparing Maxis iPhone and Digi iPhone. hahaha, FYI im a huge fans and supporter or Digi. ;p mummy lose in the end and the conclusion we made is, Both are just the same, just depend which you prefer. =D

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