Second Photoshooting (:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Went forphotoshooting @ Taman Jaya and another centre building . (:

much thanks to JackieLoi , Ken and Mike for giving me an opportunity for this photoshooting session (:

I do admit i love photoshooting, especially landscape.. Well, hopefully i'll have more chances in the future (: besides, thanks Mike for giving his patience guiding me how should i do.

I remember my first photoshooting was when i was 15, for 17 mag. Yea, i love modelling actually. But i din't want to join models is because my height and my chubbyness -.-

I must say this is the whole sleepless week, not-enough-sleep.

Woke up 620am today to prepare and Ken came at around 730am . photoshooting ends at 11am due to Ken's has appointment or smth.

Bluhhh, my eyes and face feeling so numbb. Since last yr my both eyes anti Sun-light-shoot. it makes me feel uncomfortable after that. ):

Oh btw, i'm ordering barbie Super Nudy Lens again. Hahaa, cos my Grey one having prob and pink one i need backups. LOL. I still have Super Nudy Blue and Barbie Grey. Not planning to wear it now since i don't wear lens everyday now.

I must straighten my hair by next yr or end of this yr.. wait till my fringe longer and have longer hair (: or either wavy hair. Cos long hair suit wavy hair but i afraid it might makes me looks more mature like last time with curly hair .. SO yea by this yr i must grow my hair Long Longgg and plan next yr (:

I can't wait for my iphone !! i wanted to buy this casing rm35.90 . honestly i don't mind spending on my iphone in future :D I even bought some decorations for my iphone designs but i need to look for the casing/pouch. Hardly can find it.

Aight, that's all for now. Cam alot in car today. Hahaa.. (: Planning to upload in fb since the last time i deleted all my cam pics.

teehee, nights.

Whoops, my new fb profile pic (: Stupid pig face.

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