Saturday, January 02, 2010

The second day of 2010, a Saturday. (:

My day is fine, (:

nth much for the day, kinda bored ..

met up with gong this morning ..

had my own lil manicure, by myself with my lil bunny set that i bought earlier at Etude House. then cooked dinner with family..

Sorry Sam for ffk-ing >< I promise to replace on monday alright.. =/ (i dint know you did not receive my msg)

It's a saturday night, as usual i'm at home online twitter fb blogging. (:

MSN is somehow abit boring .. =/ paiseh.

Oh, not forget that today's my Grandpa's (mummy's) Birthday and tmr's my youngest aunt (Apple's) birthday..

(: and also, added some wishlist. Weeee..

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