Sunday, January 17, 2010

O.0 i know i know, it's been awhile since i last blogged.

A lil busy and lazy on the friday, no free time to blog on saturday, and you must be thinking "Don't tell me you dont have a lil free time on sunday huh?" , hmmmm i can say yes!

Well, a short update on friday, have class and back home abit late then tired and doing some task.

Saturday, class in the friggin morning and work after that. Straight to bath after home and prepare everything while waiting for Dommee then off to Klang for the BBQ parttey!

Kinda jam and really faaar, Ong's house.

Then start lighting the pit and stuff and BBQ ! dint picture much, just some here and not all here also. well, not gonna type much. Let the picture do the story.

after bbq-ing, they had some games but i dint join. and i must say i damn bad luck that day. Knocked my back & head and got BOOOOM! got scared by Keong, XD and they recorded with my phone. (not gonna upload it laa)

Went off around 1235am, headed off to my aunt's house. Sat there till 3am i think, then only back home. Phew ..

Sunday, the next day slept till 12smth. LOLs, actually suppose continue to sleep but got awake by daddy and sister, going for brunch and drop sister to Sunway then we went back and continue sleep still 430pm @@.

Eh?!?! there's so many movies i want to watch..

Total 5movies, i know not many but i want to watch them all! (:

Let's come back to today's. Got really pist off for the ONE-and-ONLY class of the day in the friggin early morning!

I dont mind going for ONE-and-ONLY class of the day plus it's early in the morning but the stupid lecturer aren't teaching and after stunning for 45minutes we got dismissed! I srsly dislike that, i pay for the class okayy! Not cheap one lor!

Fine, it's not the first time anyway. There's one time even worst which we have our last class after 4hours break after the first class then end up lecturer were absent! we wasted 4hours in our life time lepak-ing doing nothing! ):

Uhh, this is what you call the COLLEGE LIFe, right?

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