Monday, January 11, 2010

Oops, i've changed my blogskin again (: No idea why i change, i just feel like changing. My header isnt that nice yet, changing soon. This layout will stay no longer than months too, changing soon (: So so not satisfy with this layout. Well, i did not do much changes of this layout. It was my Previous one if you notice, just made a small and lil changes only.

So let's make some update for my blog.

Went for my grandpa's 70's dinner yesterday @ Klang Vgarden.

5tables i think. I love the dress i worn yesterday, Given by aunty wendy. I dont know how much it cost but it's nice and im a lil too fat for the dress XD

p/s: the dress is super short when i sit down.

So since it's my grandpa's 70's dinner, me and my sis and most of them dressed like attending some wedding dinner or smth like that, =D

Notice the long necklace im wearing? Bought from Maniquin, cost me quite a bomb for it, rm39 just for that. Suppose for new year wear but i just want to match the dress. So i took it and wear it. (:

Let me introduce you my youngest aunt which is just same age as me! Apple (: She's tall and sweet.

On the way to Klang was rainning really badly till our car can nearly spin even mummy is driving very slow already. That's scary.

As usual, the daily routine whenever we bump into the car. Picture time! Most of the picture taken in the dinner was all in my sis's phone. So will upload it here when i got it and also facebook.

Overall the dinner was nice and everyone very enjoy and happy. (: They, the adults finished the really giant big bottle of Henessy, i mean half bottle of it i think. but the bottle is really big big big!

More group picture from Apple's phone. Waiting her to tag im fb then i'll upload it here. (:

Here's one which i manage to bluetooth from her phone. (:

Phew, as day pass it's the second week of 2010 and January.

I got really pist off with my phone. Im serious.. I've got no longer loving this phone. Planning to change it next yr, COMFIRM! and suggestion or recommend of which phone? I love sony but might trying LG some latest one and if they have pink. Will update my wishlist after that (:

Went to get my 7days trials pass at true fitness today, planning to join the membership if he give me the same package as ken. If yes, then will be joining next month (:

Alright, i should get my ass off. It's going to 12am and having class and work tmr. (:

p/s2: Cash Needed!! *chingching* So i need more work in coll! call me up okayy, i will try my best (:

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