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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I did not update yesterday because i was at some open house party (:

Well, coll started yesterday. With only one and only class at 845 - 1015, the lecturer was absent! Hell crap, all of us came for the class for ONLY ONE class, and lecturer absent. =/ Nevermind, everybody is doing their own business.

It's always a habit, there'll be many topics and chit-chat among friends when friends meet up after a holiday (:

It reminds me of schooling time, after a real long break. When we back to school after a new year, everyone will be chit-chating catching up each other and definately non-stop.

One more thing, friends will never stop talking or topic-less between each other. Because i realise, even me myself and my friends can chat for the whole day long 24/7 non-stop even we met each other everyday in the school. Agree?

We can start from a topic and continueosly non stop. The topic like, NO ending. hahah ..

Alright, So my two besty brought to me an open house party, Ken's aunt's. Sweet righT? They never forget about me for a party although sometimes they know i cant. (: BFFs.

Pictures alot there but only post up few.

The only group picture we have.

p/s: i realise we seldom group picture, is only either solo or couple pictures. LOLs.

Okay, i can say. We, Sam and me really love to picture alot when we meet up together. That's the fact that never change. (:
Some lil bad memories in the night, i did not sleep till 3smth in the morning..
It reminds me alot when i read my last hand-writing diary which is when i was form3. Although it's only written half year story but it can recall countless memories. Seriously!
I can even see from the diary one day can happen lots of different thing.
Life is so wonderful if you live life to the fullest. But life could be miserable if you stress and mess your life up.
Phew! Always live with no regrets and do everything you want till you cant. (:

I am so so sleepy and totally blur today! as i've just said i slept at 3am in the very late night with swollen eyes that just finish crying. Woke up 6am due to some stupid noise and back to sleep. then woke at 9am and was rolling on the bed for half an hour only i went to wash up myself. Head off to sunway area, those cars shop to collect my document which i left in Gong's car yesterday when we leave his car at there.
awww, i loveey cars.
Then back to sleep and gong cooked my lunch and fetches me to coll at 3pm.
No different, only one class again but atleast lecturer taught something. (: and so i learnt smth.
Had to work at 5pm till 8pm as usual for every tuesday at the library and also tmr till thursday.
I am superb blur minded while working with sloooww movements .. 10 steps became 20 steps. =/
Alright, got to pack my stuff for tmr's early morning class till night working -.-

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