Appreciate before you can't.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I received a msg that one of my grand aunty had just pass away. Though me and her only meet not more than 10times in a year, R.I.P .

This reminds me of my friend, who passed away last 2years. Victor.

Me and him is just a normal friend, but atleat we had some memories. Memories which i will never forget is how he keep teasing me, saying smth bad around me. (: but out of schl, he's a nice person. (that's for me la) Not forget he has a mark on his face (:

He died for an accident, i rmb we begged our head mistress to bring us to the place for his last day. His parents has chosen to burn instead. It's superb sad when we saw how his mother asked his son to come back. Sighs.

i remember he was the second person in my life passed away. The first one was my step-grandfather. He's not my official grandpa and we don't stay together, but my second sis. He used to scold me and yell at me when i bully my sis XD . He's nice, he loves all his grand child. We used to go for a trip, and i still rmb how he looks like.

The reason he died is because he smoked & drank too much if im not mistake. He pass away at his own land, S'pore.

People are the weakest, do you think so? people can die any time. It's so scary.

I always worry i might die in the next minute, i know im thinking too much. But who know's right? That's why i always remind myself appreciate all i have now and dont get jealous of what people have and we dont. Appreciate now, and dont wait for tomorrow. Im not cursing myself dont have tomorrow, is because i wont have yesterday ever again in my life.


I watched two videos in facebook. Unfortunately im not gonna post in my blog, so if you want to see just kindly go to my fb. It's about africans burning and burying alive human, even small kids. After i've seen these, my mood is totally upside down. I cant stop stunning and tears is too hurt to drop. They did not tell the reason why they did it, but i dont even want to know why would they want to do it, it's so illegal too. But i can never understand why they want to do all these shits? Fine, i must stop saying and watch yourelf instead.

This is the one they buried their child lively.
This is the one they burn their own villagers lively.


I went to a blog, my friend's gf's blog. How lovely are they, i miss those moment with Him. (:

it reminds me alot and makes me realise alot. o4o3o6. (:

A good question, are people living in lies?

Who doesnt lie? No one, i say. Even me, myself do lie sometimes.

But how does people lie? and why they lie?

A good lie is needed sometimes but the best is to avoid it, unless you cant.

Majority people hate lies, who doesnt? Even i do hate lies very much, but sometimes i just need to. I apologize. And i admit there are many lies i've sent and also many i received.

Sometimes we might should just forgive the lies but not all the time. But what can we do if you do not forgive? especially to your beloved ones.

When there's a lie, there's a secret.

You lie, you don't tell and you'll keep it yourself and im sure you do feel bad after that but you couldnt tell because you lied. But never forget to try to tell the truth if you realise you shouldnt have lie.

Nothing to be late, it's better than you never make it.
*telling the truth late, is better than you never tell the truth and regret you never have the chance to tell.*

Sorry i gotto stop blogging here, im really feeling upside down.


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