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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Did you notice my header? i spent around 30minutes to do it. Inspiration from a blogger. I've redo it for few times till i get this result. Kinda satisfies me. What do you think about it? (:

Well, a lil update for today.

Walked for within 1km journey, (it's actually less than 1km, idk!) with my 2.5inches heels. This is the reason i was tooo hungry till gastric and got bored with my coll's foods so we decided to drive out for lunch. But due to the new parking system of my coll, therefore we got to walk instead of taking the shuttle bus since we got to rush for class and the shuttle is late.

I can feel my muscles are so painful ): I need a MASSAGE !!

Alright, this is also another point of blogging today.

I must admit that i am a person dislike CHINA people. Im sorry if any of china people go across my blog and read this.

I hate them so much, if you know about it or you receive emails about CHINA people eating WOMEN & BABIES & DOGS. Don't you think that's toooo over? Like hello!! women & babies & dogs have their own life, and why the hell you suckers wanna eat them?

The first article i receive about china people eating these was 2008 which is the first article, CHINA people eating DOGS. I can tell i am a superb dogs lover. My tears drop down after i read and see the pictures.

Then here comes to the second one which is CHINA people eating BABIES. wtf? i dint mean to trash my blog with the bad words, but for goodness! what makes you suckers wanna eat babies?

Jut FYI if you don't know, This is about the WOMEN, the chine pregnant women whom realise they got a baby girl and they don want it, they will take them off and those suckers will EAT them up. I totally cried very badly after reading it and vomited when the first time i read it.

I thought that was the worst, BUT HELL NO! Here comes to the EVEN WORST which they EAT WOMEN! I screamed very loudly and tears BURSTed badly after i see the first few pictures. I admit i did not see till the end, BUT hello! when you see the first five pictures will you still want to continue and see how they eat WOMEN??? some people says it's fake, some say it's true, IDK. all i know is what's on earth makes them to eat WOMEN?!?!? aren't women a human?

All i know is china never likes women in the old times, but now we're in the 21st century. Female and male are all EQUAL okay!

Well, i saw this video across facebook. Saying this teachers (if im not mistaken is from china) got pisst off with the little student and hit her and throw her out from the 4th level! It came out in the news if you guys notice, and there they post if up to the internet.

I dont understand why could people do all these stuff? Don't they feel guilty? or feel something bad or wtvvv??

Well, the reason i post about these is to share to you people out there, I know it's not all china's but some of them.

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