Busy Peep.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

I hope my blog is not dead yet. Been busy lately.

Majority i am tired and lazy to blog plus i got nothing much to blog about my daily college life. So i rather to leave it first till weekend only come to blog.

Hope my reader(s) did not run away (:

Was rushing my assignment lately and working for 3 nights the whole week. Probably i'll be working the 3 nights everyweek.

Tmr will be working for open day.

If you guys dontrmb or dont know, im still selling 1 user Karspersky. I bought 3users, and i left the last one. Selling rm40. Let me know if you one. First come first serve. Obviously it's original lah!

Because I dont wanna leave it there and waste it. It cost me a bomb when i buy it okay. my half month saving edi gone for it.

Mayb it's the tiredness causes me dont know what to do besides Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, checkin out Innit.. any recommend?

I am totally blur for the whole week till now. The dinner suppose on tomorrow and i thought it's tonight then i rush up everything and cancel some stuff bla bla .. -.-

Btw, went for the fitness appointment with that guy cause i got the 7days trials. When i get my BMI results. He told me i am just pass the OKAY line. i tot i was all the time in the okay border. Im now 47.4kg and he said i should be 48kg for my height & body so that i'll be healthy and balance. and he said i need fats to balance up my body. @@ this is crap, im like contain fats enough. I remembered when i was age of 16 and half, my body contain 20% of fats, it's just right enough. And now i have 21.5% and it suppose to be just right but he said need a lil bit more so that my body will be balance. Hahaa, that's makes me laugh till roll on the floor. Btw, i have 75% of muscle but they are soft muscle -.- not forget he told me i need more muscle for my hand to make it just right. -.- I know my hands are fat enough la!

That guy is smart in marketing, LOLs.

But im going for the trials soon and i also got another 10days free trials from ken, he gave me that voucher. (: thanks!

It's raining again .. That should be nice, so that i can feel air-cond in a fan room. I love my room even with only fan cause my room is the coolest room among all the room in the whole house! =D and only my sis & my room got no air-cond.

I dont know what happen to my stomach now days, i get hungry very fast but i cant eat alot. just a lil bit i feel bloated. -.- gastric prob is now all okay, (:

p/s: can i grow taller to atleast 165cm? im now 160cm ): So short . that fitness guide guy was like almost 2 and half head much taller than me like a coconut tree, thin and talll and i was like, crap you -_________-

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