Fulll !!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

One word, FULLL !

what full? my this weekend !!

1. Class in the morning
2. Working for exhibition
3. Absolute Bazzar
4. Hi-Tea Session with D'ArtZ

1. Working for exhibition
2. Outing with LA's

OMG, i can only choose one for both days. How laa? You tell me HOOOWWW?

mayb will choose to work, earning rather than spending..

aiks, leave that first. Im going crazy now.

Bad bad luck for the day.

1st, Arguement with G
2nd, God Sake, i gotto miss my first class
3rd, I accidentally broke Jim's keychain
4th, Brought only RM2 to college
5th, Met a crazy insane psycho women who simply whack people ( im one of the victim )

OMG, how damn bad luck am i today. Feel like swearing noww, ish!

Damn freaking down right now. SuperTest sumore tmr. Gosh!

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