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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I suppose to finish up my assignment and blog but end up on the phone with Sam. Lols, we just got too much to talk about and can never find the end of our conversation. Xoxo!

Look! received this from Tom, one of my collegue in Library. He used to get candy from me while working, then end up finished my candy. So he bought me back and some gift today. Thanks! I dint expect anything, it's somehow a surprise (:

Extra Mint, which is my all-time favourite. A belgian cherry chocolate and a lil piggy keychain. (: Ms.Pinky, he use to call me.

He's sweet, isn't ?

I personally a nuffnanger but ain't active much in it. Somehow starting to. Nuffnang is mainly for bloggers.

P/s: while viisting my blog, pls click on the ads at the side okayy!

Back to topic. Nuffnang always have events for all the bloggers and with great prizes! I always thinking whether want to join the event or not but always end up never, because i cant think of any creative post.

In the 2010, the Tiger Year. Tiger, is sponsoring this event called The Tiger Run.

All you need to do is

1. write a blog post with the title "My Dream in the Year of Tiger", to share your dream. It can be anything you like & best to be more creative.

2. Send in your post permalink and your full name to then you are on your mark to run!

Isn't it easy much?

Curious of the prize? I bet you will want the prize!

Grand prize you may get RM8,888 worth of dreams + RM1,888 cash prize. Isnt it cool and attractive?

Just Click here for more information (:

And the conclusion, should i join? Im still considering. =/

let's think about it ..

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