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Monday, January 31, 2011

Some of you have already known & i did do a blog post about it last year, that i have in-grown-toe-nail for BOTH toe. Which is the nail grown inside the skin instead of growing out. & i've been walking with my toes like this for 10years and also went for clinic surgery for 10years which is, more than 100 time, no joke at all.

I haven been wearing high heels for 5-7years till 2009 i start wearing it back. I can hardly wear sport shoe, covered high heels and pointy/sharp shape shoes. I clearly known imma absolutely a shoe lover, since 2009 i felt that my toes are fine wearing heels and covered flats, i began to bought myself quite a number pair of pretty shoes which i wanted for so many years.

It doesnt hurt if you don't purposely touch it, bang it, knock it or whatever. I can even admit that im absolutely given up curing it since last 2 years cause my doctor says there's no specialist for this kind of whateveryoucallit. It was superbly hurt when i heard him saying this. Is like chopping off my hope. My feelings even numbed since long long time ago, i dont even wanna care anymore cuz i know it wont cure tho.

I dont feel any pain wearing high heels for 2 years +, as long it's not covered type. Till Saturday, i worked and worn covered toe leggings with 3inches uncovered toe high heels, it was all fine till when i reached home and i took off my leggings, i accidentally pulled my nail-skin, it was really hurt then it got infected. So mom decided to call dad's specialist to make an appointment to talk about it.

So then i went for appointment this afternoon, i was 1 minute happy cause he said can cure and he will do an operation/surgery for me. My heart then start crying cause i personally already phobia to surgery kind of thing. U can't blame me when i see a needle coming to me and i start crying, i've been doing LIVE surgeries for 10years, YES, L-I-V-E, which means im completely awake and let the doctor stuck the needle in and start doing whatever shits he wants.

I even shivered when i talk to the specialist today, & im holding back my tears. So yea, 've decided for the operation/surgery tomorrow afternoon and most probably staying there till Wednesday. Was supposed to do it on next monday but mommy said she wants to do it tomorrow, so most probably i might not be able to join the family reunion lunch & dinner on wednesday which it-is-a-must for me. I almost cry for that too. Sigh.

When i heard the amount of the fees, two eyes opened big big O.O . Sigh.

So yea, no more pretty shoes for me from tomorrow onwards, for atleast 3 months. Sigh, shoes are just like part of my fashion life. I can never live without pretty shoes. Now only slippers, anyone wanna buy me pretty scandals/slippers? :D

Visit me tomorrow kay? ): Im forced to share room with people. Sigh! I wan a single room, ): Whatever then, only 1 night. *touchwoord* CNY ini happen ):

Text/call me if you wanna ask where will i be tmr. (: Will update after cny, most probably.

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