Anissa Da Vinci

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello, how's life going? (:
CNY is in 1 week time, i need shopping! Damnit ): I haven shop all my CNY clothes and shoes yet! I wanna get a new heels and flats, then a few more new clothes. People always ask, "have you finish shopping your CNY clothes & stuff?" i replied, not really, just got a few. Then they ask again "define your few, and FINISH" . hahaha, idk. XD

I bought this Anissa Da Vinci lip gloss few weeks back, one of the famous/top lip gloss in Taiwan now, i guess. i havent got the time to blog about it previously, so here am i gonna blog about it and it's awesomeness!

I bought light pink, which some call it sparkling pink. I don't like sharp colour, i always prefer natural or nude lip color (: I love the results so much, and it's not too sticky and oily. You know some lip glosses are like so sticky and oily, makes you feel eww kind. But Anissa da Vinci is just perfect.

I always have dry lip, sometimes even look pale, makes me look like a old woman with some sickness -.- With Anissa Da Vinci, It says that it contains vitamins, hyaluronic acid & nourishing extracts moisturize lips without being too heavy & greasy. It also prevent moisture loss in giving your lip an alluring and healthy appearing. Awesome right? Now i have healthy lip! :D

And there's one more awesomeness about this lip gloss is that, it has a LED light on the top when you open up the cover, and a small mirror at the side, so you wouldn't have to worry if your in the club or any dark places if you wanna apply lip gloss :D

This is just too awesome! :D I've used for a week, my lip not as dry as before and also it begin not so pale. Not forget to say, the color can actually remain a longer time even if you accidentally wipe it off (: Teehee !

*chuu* kekeke, you can check out the video about it in youtube by typing Anissa Da Vinci (:

Here's one 女人我最大 recommended by the professional.

Idk if there's any store selling in malaysia, but i believe you can get it from online. I get mine from here & here . :D

I'm not sure if their promotions are still going on, i bought 2 for RM100, which one for RM65. :D I bought one for Darling, sparkling pink too. Planning to get the Nude color after cny (:

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