Whoops, Good girl gone bad?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hello peeps, my fault for not updating my blog. Was "busy" with studies and stuff. Kononnya la. Plus there's nth much to blog about so yea, (: sorry kay.

Shopping w/ Darling on Thursday at Sunway Pyramid. I drove there w/ her car. Drove off from my house around 415pm then had a lil shopping and tea time w/ the others. Off to friend's house a while to wait for the rest people from kl i guess? around 8pm then off to Giza Sunway, Over Time around 9smth for dinner and yum cha. But i din't mange to join them cause we reached there aroudn 10 and mom came to pick me at 1015pm, so only manage to down half glass of Starker, one of my fav, before i left. (:

We actually cam-ed a lot while waiting for the rest at friend's house. Haven got the time to upload in fb yet. LOLs.

Was home the whole day on friday, boring banyak. I think i was home the whole day, i dont recall hanging out. Hmmmm ..

Dropped mom to work on the Saturday Morning, then back home to prepare a while and off to Sunway Pyramid w/ sister for breakfast at Subway then sent her to work at Watsons. I was struggling so badly whether i wanna cut my hair or not and what should i cut. Then i've made my mind and headed to A-Salon in Sunway pyramid. I din't really cut much actually, just trimmed my hair ends and shorten my fringe, sigh. Was a huge mistake, now my fringe look more like GRASS! ): I miss my long fringe, gotta wait another 5 months to grow back, damnit. ):

Drove home alone after getting my hair cut, i really don't like to drive alone ): So yea, thought of getting a nap but i forgot i have thing to do, so walked out to finish up my stuff and thought i can have my beauty nap but youngest sister went to her friend's house w/o informing any of us, only daddy and he forgot to call us back. so i drove all the way to her school to look for her -.- sake.

Had yum cha w/ buddy before dinner, and off to Giza Sunway, the beer factory around 9. YW came to pick me w/ Fish. had some fun time in the car with them, LOLs.

I began to drink a lot after since i first went to Over Time for Starker beer last yr. Then twice at Beer Factory on Xmas Eve & New yr eve. Hoegarden is now my fav, gawd ): And yesterday drank 2 pint of Hoegarden & 1 & half pint of Stella. Urm, some said Stella is really nice but idk why, i dont really like it, so im back with Hoegarden. All thanks to YW & Fish, i learnt how to play the dice game, hahaha. was playing dice game then i lose quite alot in the beginning with YW & Fish. Next round w/ YW, Naima & Ben, still ok but in the end YW lose quite a lot. Haha.. So yea, there goes my 3 & half pint, NON STOP. Thank god i never drunk, just some dizzytipsy-ness. (: I love the night btw, hehes.

And my 2nd time breaking the curfewrules. I went home around 1am, cause got addicted playing the dice game. Haha, end up ownself keep losing. Reached home around 120am i guess. Geeee, alcoholic soon, no more Beer factory.


Gahh, i miss my fringe, damnit! ): Pics taken w/ my phone but lazy to upload.

I cant wait till after CNY to get my HTC Desire HD. ): Boohoo!

 & i got shorted hair dy. Cause trimmed. Damnit.

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