Photoshoot at Sekinchan 090111

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hello peeps, my line is soo slow, uploading photos to my fb page (: *patient*

Was superbly sick last night, ): fever+superb bad headache+cough+flu+period cramp=iwanttodieplease?
Gawdd nya, thank god im much better now, only coughing (:
Days were good, just kinda stilltryingtoletgo, i still cant stop thinking imma fool over all. Idk how should i explain, but i hate like that, please? Can all the guys stop fooling me around? So funny huh? Whatever!
Btw, im feeling much better with my "newlife", getting use to it already (: My daily routine from Monday - thursday are all just the same, 830am - 245pm class, then take an hour journey lrt home. Haha, i kinda like the feeling taking an hour journey lrt home alone. Like so many things flashing/running through my mind, (:

Btw, some behind the scene and i personally love photos from the Sekinchan Photoshoot (:

Camera: Nikon D3000
Photographer: No Experience IsabellXL (haha, :P)

The three photos with [JieyiPinkabell edited], i actually brightened by just 3% (: Nothing edited, no worries. (:

Great, only 77/200 photos uploaded after half an hour. Be patient kay? I think 200 photos is the max amount in an album, i dont rmb how many photos i supposed to upload, but anyway, you can check it out here after when it done (: There are total of 200 photos. (:

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