Hello 2011 !

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hello peepo :D How was your New Year Eve and your 010111 ? :D

Went The Beer Factory again on the New year Eve @ Giza Sunway. Yea, went there on the Xmas eve too. My New Year eve was great! I never had such fun before. Was with the whole gang, same gang on the Xmas eve, not all la.

The happiest day in 2010 i guess? (: Went there around 9pm and home at around 115am . Hoho! and sadly i still cant control my tears that night, i cried in the car otw home. But i swear im pretty fine now (: As i promised, everything go away with 2010, every passed thing end in 2010 and I'm now with my new life (:

Like what new? Idk, being officially single, totally freedom much, and i love all my friends and darlings and BFF . :D We gotta make 2011 a better year than 2010. Teehees!

Took quite lotsa photos on NYE using friend's iphone, and im kinda lazy to save the pictures and upload here, :D sorreeyyy .. :P

My 010111 was still okay, whole day long with my family and today too. (:

Some highlights,
In 2011, I want a 20th Birthday! Pls? I never have a birthday for 4 years already ):
In 2011, I want to work harder and find more jobs! Need more cashyy!!
In 2011, I want to hang out more with my darlings, bff and the gang of friends. :D It's time for friends after these years, i've missed out alot in my Young Adult time.
In 2011, One year OLDER! No longer a young adult, imma adult already ):
In 2011, extend my curfew please? :D
In 2011, I wanna laugh and be happy more than the past year!
In 2011, I want to live my life to the fullest! :D
In 2011, (to be continue .. )

Haha, too "much" to list i guess? Gahh, i wanna have the fun again on the NYE :D Lalalala ..

Wishes to you guys,
All the best in the year ahead!
Goodluck in everything!
Stay Happy all the time! :D

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