Let the old one go, and bring the new one come. (:

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dear all,

Was reading my 2009 Summary post and thinking back everything happened this year, to be honest, it took me half day to think what/how should i write this post.

Btw, Ina - I wanted You, my new fav song. (: I like the music .

Time flies, im turning 20 in few months time. And it's turning a new year in 2days time. It's a good thing tho, new year new start.

I dont know how should i start this post seriously. Nothing much special this year, yet there's too much that shouldnt be mentioned.

Gawd, it's so hard for me to recall my 2010! All i can remember is, how hurt i was on my birthday and the week after my birthday. How sad i was when i forced to give up things i shouldnt, for TWICE. How sad i was when all i know is everyone loves betraying me, cheating on me. Sigh.

I've been too much emotional & cries this year, sigh. I used to be a very happy-laughing-everywhere-girl before everything happened. But i couldn't, to be honest. You can hardly see me smiling happily ..

Let's talk something else.

I get to know Jeanie this year during my work.


Sharon (:

I believe most of you know i do not have many girl-friends or i don't have one. And I have all the girl-friends past, caused me kinda phobia and can hardly get close with girls. I never expect for anything anymore because i have my two BFF, Ken & Sam, the very beloved one. They are more than enough, but sometimes i cried alone in my room when i jealous of other girls has their babes, sharing all the girl stuff. But still, i never ask for anything. Then i met this two girls, jeanie and sharon (: We know each other not that long, but somehow we're quite close, aye?

Both of them is really nice and i lovey them (: My two Darlings. And i have more than enough now. My two BFF and two Darlings (: Im so much satisfied with everything and my life now.

At least there's something good came across, my year aint that bad actually. Cause i get to talk back with my long-lost best buddies. My highschool besties. Im happy that they willing to be back friends with me and all things. (:

Ofcourse, there's some stuff I can't tell here. Im totally afraid of those spy and nonsense-maker. LOLs.

I couldn't recall much about happy stuff happened this year. Im sorry, remind me if there's any. Cause all i remember happened in this year is all the hurts one. One hurts is just more than enough to cover up all other things. Sigh.

Anywhere for new year eve? Im not sure about mine, and dint expect if there's anything. I just wish i could be there for him.

Uhm yea, a very quick and simply simple post for my 2010 Summary. (:

See y'all in 2011 . Ciaos, Teehees! Follow me in Twitter yea, *hugs*


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