I love my life, :D

Saturday, December 04, 2010


p.s: i miss my boy so much ><

All i wanna say is, i haven been so happy in my life for so so long.
I can now easily go out with BFF, friends, anywhere any time without worrying if there's someone might piss off and end up into argument .

Im sorry if you think im so bad and unsympathetic to him. At least my bff understand the reason why.

I love my darlings, Sam, Ken, Sharon and Jeanie :D
Especially my dear, Sharon, wheeee!

So, went dinner and yum cha with BFF, sam & ken .

was playing this stupid block, haha . I lose in the first round.
It was so chi kek, haha and i think we were laughing kinda loud. Who cares (:

My bffs are poser (:


Hmmmm, im loving everything every happening now. It's all what i want for so long.
No more scary old times. (: Lalalala .. :D
Believe not, i haven been smiling truly since ........ idk how long i nvr.
Till i finally build my new life, i can now smile truly . No more fears in my heart. (: Im back to the happy girl.

Talalalala ..

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