Aunt's Wedding Dinner 12/12/10

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I know it's been like more than 10days i haven't been updating my blog and i believe all my readers already ran farfaraway from my blog. I am so so sorry, things been tying me up. Well, i admit i wasn't in the good mood to blog. I did tried to blog few times but my fingers ain't typing anything and it stayed blank for 10minutes. So i gave up.

Let's not talk about those things. I shall have a proper update now.

12 Dec 2010,
it was my aunt's wedding dinner on the last Saturday. It's the bride-side family. Wedding dinner held at Klang, V-Garden. There'll be another wedding dinner for the bridegroom-side family but my family and relatives are invited (:

It was a black theme for the bride's families.

Me likey simple style, (: Only curled my hair-ends with a rosy blackwhite hair band.

Decoration of the dinner ..

And the lovely bride & bridegroom . Sweet*

It's the signature book, a-must have for every wedding dinner (:

The dinner started at around 8pm, im sorry for my bad quality camera. Didn't really snap pictures of the beginning ..

Bride & bridegroom with the champaign .

The food there was nice, then we had yum seng and the fun (:

This is their siblings. 8 of them, and another one at Sabah. So total they have 9sisters, and two brothers. Haha .. They had a group singing on the stage and it's superbly touched, even i almost wanna cry. :D

The dinner ended around 10something 11 like that. Then this is where the photographer's job.

Pictures below are all taken using my low quality camera, Nikon Coolpix S6xx or smth, i dont remember and the camera is now with me for a week! ):

We actually cam quite alot, check 'em out at my fb (:

Teehee :D

Im trying my best to update my blog frequently, forgive kay? *watery eyes*
That's all for now, will be back with more updates kay? (: Please don't run away from my blog, love you guys kay.

Goodnight (:

p.s: I gained 1kg ): and getting moree fats! Damnit ):

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