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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Can you seee? My beloved Jay Chou's concert ticket and free gift!
Geeeeee, :D :D :D :D :D

Much thanks to Hong Jia and his friend for the looonnnngg queue .. :D

I want the VIP seat, rm480 but no one wants, so i gotta join them at the PS1 rm330 seat instead. But fine, as long it's infront can dy :D

Sooooo happy !

Met up with Dear, Sharon yesterday. She picked me up at lrt station then we headed off to Pavilion for early dinner? haha. We had Pancakes :D and the girls talk (:

I havent been to her blog for like few weeks and i viewed today, her post makes me cry. I felt to touch and i havent felt this way since ages. :D Loves you babe. Oh btw dear, i've got in my mind what to get you for christmas! :D I bet you'll love it so much! :D

Met up with honey, Jeanie today. At Sunway Pyramid. Daphne couldnt make it, she gotta work ): Aww, busy babe .

We had BBQ Plaza, as we planned long time ago.

Havent meet up with her after since i left my job at Sunway Pyramid Guardian. Like, 1month already. But we still tweet each other alot :D

We had the Pork set. and and .. she only ate the pork, and keep saying NO for the others. Daphne! you gotta come help me next time, hahaha :D

Had girls talk and a lil shopping today .. Cause i wanna get a dress/clothes for my 2010 Christmas date (: Hehe, sorry honey if i made you walk so many rounds there. :D Im just too choosy .. hehes .

Assignment is all pumping up, and luckily i have holidays next tuesday, and also monday since i only have class in the morning 830-1030 . (:

Miss the boy, (:

Aight, update more soon. (: Taaz.

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