Your born to be who you are.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's abit stubborn, abit late to realise all this after a year, but still. i'll never let this thing over. this thing has been spreading arround and i dont believe and everyone keep telling me that's me or blablabla, i even had a lil fight over it. but now, i've got really damn pist with all this stupid thing.

the first case was a bitch who trying to be ME , and the second case happened the same. but this could be worst by using my picture, the first one have no diff too by copying me. I don't name the first bitch yet, but watch out.

here's the second bitch. .
I've post before the first bitch but find it out yourself (: or ask from me, or i'll post it out once again clearly if there's no changes.

I don't understand why would people being so lifeless and act as the others. I assume they are jealous and envy. like i care? those are pretender and copy-cats and lifeless.


forget those lifeless bitch.

just had my dinner, and my day was okay (: nth special.

aaaa, sien.

suppose this sat will be going to cheong K but changed to next week. (:


pet society halfway then down =// zzz.

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