Hidden Kitty-Wanna-be.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Boo, *girl-sick*

Ytd night, went to Houz' for a lil walked with mummy & mama where placed outside my apartment while waiting for the medium baboon @ her BBQ and small baboon with her aunt. abit boring and carrying mummy's laptop, i walked around and snap pictures. All already uploaded in facebook. (:

I saw this lil cute thing, really cute ! with a V peace sign. (: is actually a flower pot. cute right?
I'm just too bored to snap snap snap. *chik-chiak*

had breakfast with family and headed to few places , mummy wanna buy some new flower and sands & fertilizer for her lil garden. and im too bored, camwhored in car. (:

P/s: Lil kitty wanna-be is now hidden once again. LMAO. your not being yourself.. Face the fact and LEARN how to be yourself kitty. (: meow.

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