Long vacation, Long distance.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

early morning drove on the actual road with billions of cars, just to eat mcd.

haha, i can drive on the road. i mean the noob dangerous driver :)

few, finally done the first rehearsal. LIKe FINALLY.

*sayang babe*

uhh, today sien..

yumcha tmr night. I MISS YOU BUDDY !

tonight's dinner realyl a blast. even i can feel my stomach bomb already.

1spaghetti, 1plate mash potatoe & 1bowl wild mushroom soup.

my stomach only available for 1 big bowl mushrom soup size but today have no choice to finish-kan and .. fine -.- im gaining weight !

really gonna start on-diet. as balance diet, not gastric-diet. hahaha!

me wan join fitness la! denggz!!

cash cash cash !!

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