Choices & Chances will not come to you if you Don't try to Get 'em. Appreciate..

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The reason of my title is because, i saw something, i knew something, I felt the same way before, and everything..
reminds me how i learn to appreciate and grab the chance & make a decision.
There are many choices for you, it depend which one you prefer. The Positive one? or the Negative one? there's no such thing as, both. just like Hell or heaven?
How you decided to walk the path, its all up to you whether u want to walk with your both leg or fly ..p/s: find out the difference. (:
If it's me, I'll prefer to walk with my both legs, step by step .. take my time.. (:
Chances, will never come to you IF you don't even try to grab it.
sometimes we might already know what's the ending, but there's no harm trying, cause you'll know you've tried before and you wont regret.
I tries most of the time even if i've already know that i wont have it, but i don't mind, and 'll never regret, because i know i've gone through it and i know i've did what i should and what i want ..
Something you know that you'll lose it one day, definately.. what will you do in the beginning ? will you try to achieve it or just give up ?
Have it before & have it forever. ( a chinese translation )
80% of people will rather have it forever and rather not to try when they know they wont have it end up, cause wasting their time.
but, 20% of people will decided to have it before and try to have it even they know they wont, because time doesn't matter.
I can say im one of the 20% (: because i dont mind wasting my time and energy to try to get it even though i already know i wont but atleast i'll have it in the process. because i know i wont regret till i die cause atleast i've got it before even i cant have it forever.
Life might be long and short. You have the right to make a decision of your life. it depends on you. Live life to the fullest, and enjoy all you can but don't make yourself feels regret of any single thing.
what's yours? ..
taadaa, you've just wasted your 5minute lifetime in my blog, muahahaa.. swt -.-
ytd night wasnt a goodnight either, have no idea what's happened to my body. =/ but i feel better this morning. ngekk!
phew, gotta do my assignment awhile more (: and my duty tmr during break time.
aaaa, CASH needed !! ngekk!!
currently listening to my Jay Chou's (:

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