The path we've gone through.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Is that really suprise i have gucci & coach ? and so suspicious i own 'em ? SAKE people.

forget bout it.

day isnt that good, rainny day is nice but err, doesnt cheer my day up anyway.

after awhile under the rain, i feel sucky.

feeling tired, feeling down, feeling energy-less.


*praying* better not , better not, i don't want to die yet! i have load more to do, wishlist not completed yet, dream not come true yet, not married yet, no baby yet, not lovers yet.

sake, wth im crapping -.-" definately im not going to die, like duh!

aaa, sickening, sickenning. what's on earth H1N1 appear ???????? GOD KNOWS.

forgodsaken i don't feel right, feeling so blur, even 1minute lost-memory like wth? ish!

bad day, bad day!! tsk tsk!!

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