It's all about us, (:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Teehee, went for my 2nd day of duty this morning. was doing great (: and not forget ytd was my first day duty (:
Shhh, sleeping. Let's welcome this new born baby, DongDong. Mother Pug & Father Chiwawa. it's already 3months old. (: To view more of it's pics, FB laa !! LOL. I just cant stop playing with it (: He's totally small in size and superb active and playful, he just loves to BITE and sleeps alot, he can just sleep like that and dont even bother where is it as long there's someone with it and he can just lye on you (:
Went for dinner for POTO, no idea how to spell or wtv. (:
That's all for now. (: Time to FB. ngekk!
Me & B (:

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