Who am I to you ?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Oh boy why you so obssesed with me .. ~ Mariah Carey's . Nicee =DD

not in the erally-good-mood but I just can't leave my blog dead, not even 1 day.

So im here to post some crap.

not bad, i learnt more about how to use microsoft word. =)

my day isnt that nice, =/ B's tio block, and stupid police and they are babi's anyway.. $50 to shut them off. LMAO!

ahhh, i miss my buddies. SAM & KEN & GIRLS !! =/ i miss those high school moment. though we always had some misunderstanding and lil arguement. =/ but still, i miss you guys much much !!

btw, i called hitz twice, today and either one day i cant rmb.. still not me =( not even B. tsk tsk!!

tmr off day. =) gonna spend all my time at home to arrange my stuff in room and busy with fb & Twit & my bloggy..! =D

taaaz, brb tmr. !


added new wishlist =D do look out! ngekk !

do your own job! don rely on technology!


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