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Monday, August 17, 2009

I don't think I'll forget about today for a period. it seriously stupid but i had fun with it. haha.. spend 5minute of your life time to read this. imma gonna describe a lil bit more details. i think*

well, my coll has started to measure each student's temperature before enter the coll. LOL, a new reason for student's for their lateness. Hahahaa..

Lecturer: why are you late?
Student: because i was waiting for my turn to measure my temperature at the entrance.


suppose shabu for lunch ending up @ korea BBQ. we had fun there, playing dare on JS for finishing up a no-idea-what-it-should-call and we'll pay for his lunch if he finish all. Yea he did. LOL. B showing us how to eat vege. Haahaa, i took his picture but still in my phone, gonna upload it soon. (:
went to petronas for sundae session as JS gonna belanja all of us. thx!* chatting and jokes and here come the fun part. few of 'em decided to throw to some "selected cars" with the sundae cup. as we did before, sshhhh* but for no reason they bought sundae cone vanilla ice-cream instead. Me, WH & B in one car and JS YH & K followed at the back. We lastly hunted a Estima and worst thing WH went to do his " art " on the front mirror of the Estima. we got shocked with his "work" and definately there's a guard, he saw us and we fly the car away and the behind ones unable to fly but rather to round at the round-a-bout and fortunately the guard came over after the both cars parked. as we stepped down the car, the guard came over and looking for the both cars owner and recorded down the car plate cause WH & JS went away. While we walked away, I was finding my phone, forgodsaken i dropped my phone on the floor and somebody picked it up. luckily i was able to reach for that person and got back my phone. Phew!
Nevermind, after a minute, WH & JS drove all the way out and we met them up after that. McD again, hahaa.. after discussing, all decided to go back and admit the "work". LOL, ofcourse.. we're lucky enough to pass. (: hahahaa..
stupid sial. this is what you call, TOO FREE.

LOL, this is my short story about my day. (:

LOLs, pet society is undermaintainance AGAIN. ish.

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